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Fantastic Pool For Mobile DJs

Oct 15, 2018 by Nick

I have always used iDJPool through VDJs Content Unlimited service, but now in demand of an offline solution and after I switched to Serato I had to make a purchase. Been with it for a few months! Amazing that you can bulk ftp download every song they offer from their huge library, ESPECIALLY nice having older stuff too. Great for being a mobile dj as you can get a request for any song under the sun but most of the time iDJs got me covered!

Great Service

Jul 30, 2018 by Larry

I am using iDJ through Virtual DJ's content unlimited subscription service. I have been a club and radio mix DJ for more than 25 years and lived in the world of vinyl for most of it. I have to tell you, this pool is fantastic. You younger and upcoming DJ's don't know how easy you have it and how the game has changed - this pool is a great example of the unlimited potential literally at your finger tips AND you have access to all of it for a fraction of what it used to cost to carry lots of heavy milk crates of music to each gig. They do the work for you - updates are awesome, remixes are good, tags are spot on, and the music selection is phenomenal. I would like to see their own chart list on-line and/or via email, maybe an area where the remixes (and remixers) live to discover new alternative mixes, but otherwise no matter how you will use this service you will be pleased.

Deep, high quality catalog, plenty of versions...

Jul 25, 2017 by DJ Zero

I have used iDJ through Virtual DJ's content unlimited subscription service for months now. It has been such a great experience I am joining the pool, to get full access. I am a resident DJ at a club where the requests can go from Keith Urban to Prince to Yo Gotti in minutes, as well as my mobile show which can require radio edits for a wedding one night, and explicit-only for a party the next, and I have yet to be stumped with iDJ. I haven't found a single file to be tagged incorrectly(even the BPMs are all spot-on), and the tags include the "remix" field so you don't have to load, cue, and PFL to see if you have the correct version on-deck, leaving you more time to focus on your transitions, flow, and crowd reaction. The audio files are MP3, but they are all 320k and sound great even when negative pitched to extremes on my club's high end system. And unlike many other pools I have tried iDJ has a very deep catalog of old school hip hop, house, and even country. The cost may give some DJs sticker shock at first, but if you consider the reduction in your set workflow, the depth, quality and consistency of the catalog, and being able to reassure venue owners and promoters that your library is legally obtained, iDJ is a no-brainer. I would recommend iDJ to any working DJ, and wish someone had put me on them years ago.

Life Saver!!

Jul 01, 2017 by Dj Cali E.N.D. Entertainment

Simply one of the best dj pool's i have ever invested in! It is nice to go to a gig and have every song that is requested and be able to download and play at a venue.

Mar 10, 2015 by Djb-rockski

This program is very reliable i use others as well, but 85% of the time i can find what i need of whats requested in all genre. The weekly files are most conveinent. Thanks

Simply The BEST!!!!

Jan 02, 2015 by DJ Sergeant P Entertainment

I have used this service for the last 3-4 years...Nothing but the best music from all genres.
Always ahead of the power curve.
I drop HEATERS for my clients BEFORE they hit the radio airwaves.
They think I am some kind of psychic...I owe this to IDJPool!!!
Thanks for providing a QUALITY service for me and my fellow DJs.

Outstanding !!!

Oct 29, 2014 by Dj Big Mac

Best record pool....Period !! nuff said!

Sep 13, 2013 by Zachary Ashinoff – DJ Z

I’ve been DJing since 2003 when I was only a Sophomore in high school. I’ve been with iDJPool since October 2007, and I am very pleased by the ease of use and versatility/flexibility, and diversity of your service. I literally love the quality of music I get from iDJPool, it plays well in any scene be it a school or outside or in a gymnasium. the number of songs I get really complements how much I am paying for the service, as well as the quality of the tracks provided. Everything is tagged correctly. I just want to tell you how much easier you have made it for me to DJ over the past few years. I don’t have to transfer from promo CDs anymore It is amazing to me how no other record pools really come close to what iDJPool had to offer for a fair price as well. I also like the timing of your releasing most tracks. Thanks again for your commitment and service over the years.

Sep 13, 2013 by Rodney Bogart aka DJ Rodney – Rodney And Little Bill DJ Service

I done a lot of research before signing with iDJPool. I decided on IDJPool because of the music library they service all genre. I am always shopping the DJ pools for something better and less expensive. Well I have not found any. When I look at the new release tracks from other pools, the first thing I usually say is, I downloaded that from iDJPool a while back. I also love the ftp feature. What a time saver. Great service.

Sep 13, 2013 by Joey K. Owner Of DJ Brothers

I Love this service! It offers so much music, that we can pick and choose from. I’m so happy that we went with this service, and I would recommend it to any DJ company considering it. You will love it!

iDJPool , USA 4.9 5.0 14 14 I have always used iDJPool through VDJs Content Unlimited service, but now in demand of an offline solution and after I switched to Serato I had to make a purchase. Been with it fo