About Us

About Us

Owned and Operated by: David Casto - 1985 To Present

iDJPool is an MP3 Record Pool For DJs Only - A Division Of Illinois Record Pool, Inc.

iDJPool is a DJ record pool that is a promotional tool for (Record labels, Promotion companies and Artists) used for servicing DJs.
We have been servicing DJs since 1985.
DJs pay a record pool monthly fee for our services we provide to them.
We service (Radio DJs, Mixshow DJs, Club DJs, Mobile DJs and Billboard Reporting DJs)
There is no cost for our services for record companies to use iDJPool to service our DJs
All promo servicing to our DJs is secure & private - No public use

We service DJs with MP3 as a direct digital download.
From 1985 to 2007 we serviced 12 Inch vinyl and CD. From 2007 till now we service MP3
We service all formats of music (Urban - Dance - Rock - Pop - Country - Gospel - Christan - Jazz)

With our DJ promotional distribution system (Record Pool), your song will be serviced to all of our DJs. Our DJs are pretty much in every major city in all 50 states in the USA.
This is the quickest way to get music in front of an audience that’s engaging with the DJ in real time and a key essential part in building a foundation for your release.

Term: Record Pool
A record pool, music pool or DJ pool is a regionalized and centralized method of promotional music distribution that allows DJs to receive promotional music to play in nightclubs, radio and mobile sets. The music industry sends their newest releases to the pool of DJs; in exchange, the pool provides feedback on each release as well as exposure in their club and radio stations.